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I'm not the oldest

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All through my karate career I've been the 'old guy'
well last night I met a fella who didn't start to do karate until he was 74! He is now 80 and still ticking along. I'd like to take him home and show him to my friends who are my age, who think they are so old they can't do anything. He's my hero and I'll consider myself lucky if I an do what he does and enjoy life as much as he does.

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Karate in Okinawa

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Sensi Yagi is a very observant teacher from twenty five feet away he cold tell that my eyes ere changing focus as I shifted stances. He is a quiet composed powerful man whose presence fills a room. Yesterday he gave me a sheet done in beautiful Japanese characters essentiall it says to have a mind like water that will naturally seek its own level and bypass obstacles. He understands the the biggest obstacles for me are the imperfections in my character. I am learning a lot

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Sense i Yagi shows us Naha

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Sense i Yagi called the Hotel Tiara said he was coming by to take us to lunch and show us the City of Naha. Sense i Yagi is a powerfully built quiet man of great presence. There is a snake that hides in the bush here called Hanbu severe nerve toxin and flesh eating disease. The locals catch them and pickle them in wine. Then of course drink the wine with it's magical properties. They also catch sea snakes and smoke them for an expensive snack. Food in Naha is more expensive than back home in Canada. If it doesn't come fom the sea or a rice paddy you are going to pay for it.

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Tokyo Narita Airport

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I`ve had my first FIRST CLASS plane ride wow do the rich folks know how to live. Free food free booze then more food, have a nap, hot towel, more food, more boose; I had scotch; Johnny Walker Black
None the less it is a verry long ride I have a two hour layover in Narita before going on to Naha I`m dreading the long trip back but that is a long way off and there are several adventures before I have to go back and the prize after a long ride back is to see my son for a month. Travel may broaden the mind but in first class it will also broaden the butt.

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Okinawan Karate Introduction in Guelph Ontario

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It was suggested by sense i Mark and Steve that I travell to Guelph and get an introductory class of Okinawan style karate. As usual when visiting other clubs things are ALWAYS a little different. Especially in karate. Since I am seeking my karate roots I have been lucky to have the chance to learn under the direct inheritor of sense i Miagi following is the web site of Sense i Meitatsu Yagi's dojo in Naha
One of the things that is most interesting about karate is that there is ALWAYS something new to learn and something and something old to perfect. Sense Mark and his people treated us like part of the family.
Sense i Steve has offered to pick us up from the airport and deliver us to the hotel this is wonderful as we will have been in transit for 26 hours

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