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2 weeks to my birthday if I don't get frostbite

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I have seven weeks to go before I hop on a plane. I have my; longjohns on, sweater, heavy coat, touque, gloves, boots, and I'm still freezing!
I apparently have a weight restriction for a sketchy flight in Viet Nam 30 pounds or 13 kg. I weighed my suitcase and it was ten pounds. Eight stores later I bought a 60 litre dry bag that weighs 1 pound and paid $50 I was looking at fancy napsacks weighing two pounds and they cost $300. I'd rather be cheap than high tek.

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Viet Visa

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Whow I got my Visa for Viet Nam ! I'll have to start eating PHO (a noodle) to find my favorite kind. The booklet I got from the embasy is in French for example en Avril you have a pagode fete a temple fete and a fete de PHU DAY I don't know what PHU is yet maybe its a noodle too.

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My tickets are bought here's the schedule
Toronto to Okinawa Mar 4 2009
Okinawa to Tokyo Apr 1 2009
Tokyo to Hanoi Apr 4 2009
Hi Chi Min to Calgary Apr4 15-16 2009
Calgary to Toronto May 16 2009

3/409 YYZ - NRT AC 1 830A-320P
3/5/09 NRT - OKA NH2159 615P-925P
4/1/09 OKA - HND NH124 1130A-150P
4/4/09 NRT - HAN VN955 1100A-310P
4/15/09 SGN - NRT AC9868 1155P-745A
4/16/09 NRT -YVR AC4 700P-1150A
4/16/09 YVR - YYC AC218 300P -525P
05/16/09 YYC- YYZ AC1152 1000A-400P

Two questions arise how tough is it to go from HND to Nrt by bus and
What to do at NRT for twelve hours??

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